For Natascha, a passionate young Marine Biologist, it is the opportunity of a lifetime – to participate in a fourteen week international scientific expedition onboard the Northern Explorer, but the frigid waters of the North West Passage are the feeding ground for international intrigue. Through discovering the state of marine life,the expedition fights to confirm the dangers of global warming, but not everyone wants the truth to come out. The Expedition Leader ignores violence and death threats as the expedition proceeds with determination against their unknown enemy.
Under the protection of an elite security company, Natascha soon realizes that they are not only in the cross hairs of corrupt politicians, but also big oil companies – and that it is the wrong time to fall in love.
Too late, they realize the enemy not only has someone in their own ranks, but ultimately will stop at nothing to follow an even more lethal plan…and that their chances of survival are on thin ice…

Relieved for no longer being framed as one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, Natascha has only one wish – to live a normal life with her former bodyguard Nick and their daughter, but her daily routine as part time Marine Biologist for the London aquarium and secretary for an elite security company takes a lethal turn when she takes part in another scientific expedition.
This time, her discoveries do not only lead her into a flooded mine underneath a century old abbey, but also to a decades old secret the clerics don’t want unravelled.
Just when Natascha thinks she is a step ahead of her enemies, she realises that the abbey’s secret is only a small piece in a puzzle orchestrated by criminal masterminds – and that her past has caught up with her.
Determined, Nick and his friends from EuroSec follow her trail from London to the Aegean Sea back to Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea. A trail, that leads them to the dark secrets of an elite group of rich and powerful men, who stop at nothing to pursue their ambitions.
To rescue Natascha, they have to solve the puzzle fast, or dark times will be ahead of them…

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