Thin Ice book reviews

“Michael Gerhartz has created a thriller novel of epic proportions whereby readers are easily captivated within the first two pages of the novel. While the premise of the book is on a diving adventure, the overall book provides a unique perspective on the human condition – love, survival, and perseverance. Gerhartz writing allows readers to feel as though they are Natasha Kleinfeld and are experiencing both her joys and struggles. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a thriller novels that do not fit the typical mold and to those who enjoy a page turner they won’t be able to put down (I guarantee it!).”

“I found Thin Ice to be a fantastically gripping read of scandalous political deception and modern scientific intrigue, complete with murder, adventure and romance. Balancing the suspenseful plot, Gerhartz interweaves light, humorous banter between the characters with his deep, thorough accounts of events throughout the book. It is clear that the author did a lot of research to guarantee realistic story elements in every facet. The author’s commitment to detail in character descriptions, both likeable and despicable, as well as happenings in the book, draw the reader in deeply, making it nearly impossible to put down. The thrilling story and entertaining writing style make this reader eager for future books from Gerhartz in line with the exhilarating, amusing combination in Thin Ice.”

“Thin Ice by Michael Gerhartz is a very strong character-driven action-adventure story. Drawing upon his background in policing in Germany and his current work as a SCUBA diving instructor in Canada, Gerhartz brings everyone and every setting to life. Thin Ice feels real, thanks to the author’s attention to detail and concern for authenticity. The cast of characters is quite large, but each player has a distinct voice. There are no ‘throw-away’ people in this novel. Gerhartz keeps the action moving quickly, with several twists and revelations to ensure the reader’s interest. What I enjoyed most was the fresh and natural dialogue with a lot of humorous elements without being over the top. The story takes place over a large section of the north, and never loses the reader along the way. Thin Ice kept me turning pages to see what would happen next. Very few books are such great candidates for being reread. If you like action involving well-trained professionals, international political intrigue, a touch of romance, science surrounding climate change, and a fast-moving plot, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this novel as much as I did.”

“Thin Ice really stands up to its title! It keeps you on the edge with endless twists that tie up in the end in ways you would never expect. The adventure leaves you guessing and each chapter makes you want to read more. Gerhartz’s knowledge is artistically expressed in his writing and he has a great ability in captivating the reader. There was an appropriate amount of action that makes you wish you could turn the pages faster. Thin Ice is an exceptional read from start to finish. 🙂 I love, love, LOVE the main characters :)”

“A must read! Gerhartz has used his own personal experiences to create a suspenseful masterpiece. His book is filled with drama, suspense, adversity, and controversy. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for his next book. Well done Michael Gerhartz!”

“I received “Thin Ice” as a Christmas present and from the outset of the novel I was hooked. Michael draws the reader into the story and you quickly find yourself unable to put the book down. The cast of characters is well developed and the research that was put into the book is evident.
I really liked this book and I am not someone who usually reads novels of this genre, I am really glad I stepped outside my literary box for this one. I recommend everyone gives the book a read :)”

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